"Be the change that you want to see in the world and then some".

Our Story

Here at CDL Care we are ordinary people from different backgrounds. We all have one thing in common: we are highly devoted to care and want to add to your services to make your life better.

We have a delicate approach whilst providing professional and bespoke enhanced care. We are dedicated to our service-users and always go that extra mile

CDL Care staff have been working as carers for sometime. We felt we weren't providing service users the care they really deserve and have come together to devote our time and energy providing only the best bespoke service.

Meet our directors

Christine Gregg

Christine Gregg

  After taking early retirement from a long career in IT and Media, I found myself looking for a new purpose in life. I was offered a position as a carer and instantly found my new passion. I became a Senior Carer and Induction Trainer to new staff in the company I worked for. I quickly realised I could give better care than I was currently giving and decided along with Sonja to start CDL Care. I am very excited for our future.




Sonja Burrage

Sonja Burrage

  I am a naturally caring compassionate mother of two. I believe independence is important and every person deserves a good quality of life. 

Care giving is a job that just spoke to me, it brings me happiness and fulfilment knowing I make someone's day a little better,




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